Kitchen Inspiration And Ideas When Buying Your Next Buffalo Home

There is no doubt than many factors play into your decision to find that right house for your next home.  Location, number of bedrooms, storage, bathrooms and more all are part of any home buys evaluation almost every purchase, but let’s focus on the kitchen for this post.

kitchen ideas

If your family is like mine, it seems that almost 50% of our time is spent in the kitchen.  Cooking, eating meals, snacking, doing dishes, homework, talking, entertaining, board games and more all seem to take place at our breakfast counter or kitchen table.

If your next home in the Buffalo area needs to have a kitchen you can do it all in, let’s take a look at some great resources to get ideas on what you are looking for or helping you have the vision to what you might change (a good kitchen remodel can go a long way!).

Great Kitchen Resources And Ideas

Here are a few articles worth reading for kitchen trends, designs and ideas.

My Tip As A Buffalo Realtor: Hardware Swap

Don’t over focus on kitchen cabinet hardware.  Numerous times I see a solid kitchen with great bones but something as small as the cabinet hardware can completely drown it out.  If brass, silver or other fixture finishes just isn’t your style consider swapping out handles, nobs and more to update your kitchen with a smaller change.

kitchen nobs

I’ve done this myself in a few different kitchens and it’s amazing the difference that a hardware change can make.

– Kitchen photo courtesy of Summit Construction 

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